Meet Lee Scott...


Lee has dealt with quite a bit over the last nine or ten years. 

Lee was a smart kid (still is), did well in school and was also a good athlete, a very good basketball player.

When his life began unraveling, he was establishing himself with his work in the automotive parts industry, setting production records, learning various machine operations and earning a prestigious promotion.

Then his mental illness made itself known.  Sorry I don’t know how to better describe this.  It began happening and we kept thinking it was a phase that he would somehow come through.  Yes, wishful thinking.

Lee will always struggle, and

the last ten years have been a learning, happy, sad and agonizing experience for all involved.

And now as a gift by the grace and mercy of God, Lee is recovering some of his artistic skills, and God allows him to capture beauty with his pencils and markers.

May God bless you and please enjoy the art.

For Lee, Dave Scott

Hello to You,

I am Dave Scott, Lee’s dad.  I thought you might like to know a little more about our family artist.

After many ups and downs, Lee’s life seems to be finding some sort of rhythm. 

He now lives by himself, sees to his own needs, plays basketball, rides his bike, does volunteer work, attends events at the local mental health facility, has Sunday dinner with Mom and Dad, photographs cool stuff and lets Dad have access to the pics and much more.

Lee drives and has his own car (a very nice Chevy Malibu).

Things weren’t always so cheery.  And cheery isn’t really the best term but things are better now.  And part of his and our acceptance of Lee’s illness is that things will never be the same.  But nothing truly stays the same anyway, does it?

Lee has a relationship with Jesus Christ, his Redeemer and Creator for which we are ever grateful.

“Lee’s Creator could move his hand over Lee and make him ‘normal,’ but he (God) has chosen not to do that.  So now we must accept what God has allowed and thank him for all things.”

(My wife Kerry at one very sad point during our  anguishing journey with Lee.)